FootballEquals Academy

The FootballEquals Academy is worldwide the first professional academy concept where boys and girls are mixed based on talent instead of gender. The academy combines professional football education programs with unique physical research methods in partnership with knowledge institutes and high-tech companies. We develop innovative training methods and principals based on the outcome.

FootballEquals Academy Twente

September 1st, 2016 was the kick-off of our first FootballEquals Academy. Our first FootballEquals Academy is located in Twente, The Netherlands. Talented boys and girls are presenting the U13, U15, U16. The facilities they work at are great combining training on different grounds. Fieldturf and grass but also fast carpet. Players start with 30 minutes of strength and core training making direct transfer to the field for football training.


Testing, monitoring and video analyzing making perfect resources for players and coaches to gain maximum result. With functional movement screening and growth spurt research players are offered tailormade programs. In addition to the three times training a week with us players combine this with training and a match at their local clubs.


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