Gender equality through football

Gender equality is not a women issue but should concern and fully engage men and women, boys and girls. We are convinced to shape a better future if we get the chance to develop the full potential of talent and make them aware of the power of diversity. Football is in many cases worldwide the magnifying glass of society and is still a very male dominating domain.



“If we are able to achieve gender equality as a naturalness in football it is possible anywhere!”


An environment where equality is just daily business

FootballEquals Ecosystem Worldwide there are professional football academies for boys and almost none for girls.

We want to create a unique ecosystem where boys and girls mixed are working together on becoming the best player they can be. By creating a diverse staff with different qualities, ages, professions and gender we provide them with the best resources to grow. Due to this climate they experience the naturalness that each dream and talent is as important.

Research and Health We need to do research about differences, similarities, advantages and challenges translating them into valuable team goals and maximize the individual performance. All the data we generate we want to collect and research together with our partners.

Business and Events

Since the business world faces the same challenges in creating diverse teams we will organize meetings and events where we share the results / approach of FootballEquals to business in order to implement this also in their organizations.



Willing to learn, listen and adapt. And if not satisfying, taking the  roads not taken or design new ways together.


We are commited to our staff, players, their dreams and ambitions. We support them in developing their full potential.


We believe empowering our players and staff will make the difference in their own story and stimulate them to help others.


Whatever we do, everything with 100%. We realize every opportunity can be a moment to grow.


If you do what you always did you will get what you always got – Albert Einstein


FootballEquals Academy

The FootballEquals Academy is worldwide the first professional academy where boys and girls are mixed based on talent instead of gender. The academy combines professional football education programs with unique physical research methods in partnership with knowledge institutes and high-tech companies. We develop innovative training methods and principals based on the outcome.

In contrary to other professional football academies our talents keep membership of their own local clubs so they also can use the professional experience during the training and matches at home. Hereby we not influence the player only but also hope to have small impact on clubs in our region. Coaches of the local clubs are structurally invited to share knowledge around the players. The FootballEquals Foundation aims to enroll more (inter)national academies in the coming years.

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