Why the top (yet) don’t invest in maximum return on talent

For both in the topsport as the top of the business world we have the same challenges in 2017. How do you get the maximum return from talent? How do you facilitate an exacting topsportclimate which develops fully talent? And how have you been implementing the best talent in a diverse team what complements each other by the different characteristics, but certain shares common values in which you create topsortclimate.


After 18 years working with women in football, I’m after 9 years of fc twente in 2015 stopped because of disagreement of sport and talent development. Where we in 2017 still discuss about women quotas (and this especially for the women, but it has to be dealt with) I miss every form of topsportvision by policymakers.


Because my passion is in the world of football, and this a 95% mendomain as soon as it is professional, I thought it would be a big challenge to set up the FootballEquals Foundation. ‘Promoting and developing gender equality through Football’. Because, I think so, if you believe in the power of diversity, then why should you seperate boys and girls based on gender, when we talk about professional footballeducation?


The talent is not choosing for a mixed training, but for the environment in which they feel it best to develop. Where boys try to realize their dream to achieve a professional career, and girls! The talents of now are the ambassadors for gender equality.


Our female and male professionals are the various role models that they need, which they see that both within the professional football take and get responsibility for topsportresults.


The Footballequals Academy twente exists now since September last year and has three teams. The O13, O15 and O16 talents are mixed and selected on the construction, willingness and ability to learn.



By this “living lab” researchers get the opportunity to analyze gender differences and similarities, which give us important input for each individual journey but also what it takes to put it in a diverse team.


Of course we want to share best practices with the business community and the government to see what the results are and learn where we can still get more return. What the outcome is, we don’t know, but the trip is already refreshing. The rollout of footballequals academies worldwide is on the diary, just like the organization of a world cup footballequals in 2018!


We’re looking for a new naturalness for success. To continue to new possibilities and instead of the exchange rates on assumptions. A trip, far away from the big money and big exposure. But as a fan or founder of dreams…. Football is big, time to act big-hearted


If you are interested to join with us the footballequals foundation a success, you can send a message to m.kok@footballequals.com or you can support us by providing a contribution.