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Gender Equality through Football


We believe talent develops when you select on talent, learning ability and drive. In professional youth education, kids are separated at a young age based on gender. This deprives boys and girls from learning from each other. The Football Equals Academy offers not only education for professionals, men and women but also for the talented and ambitious boys/girls.


The talents and professionals from today will, in a few years, be the natural leaders in a better, more diverse (football) future. They will be the real ambassadors of Gender Equality.
We hope that you will support us, together we can show that every talent counts!


This is possible through a donation or in choosing one of our sponsorpackages.


You can transfer your donation to NL75INGB0007033401 characterized by ‘donation FEF’ or you can direclty do a donation. Thanks in advance!


Together on our way for equal oppurtunities!


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