Player tracking system Dotcomclub

FootballEquals Academy offers young players an environment where they can fully develop themselves. We can keep track of their development and improvement by using a player tracking system. The Academy uses the “Dotcomclub” system. This program allows us to monitor youth players and see all of their data.


The player tracking system ensures a structured training path which contributes to the optimal development of the players. Organizing teams, making formats, communication between coaches and players are things that are possible with Dotcomclub. Statistics, ratings and scouting data will all be recorded digitally.


The players can track themselves on following points.



The important data about the players of the FootballEquals Academy is stored under this tab. This information includes football and personal matters. The personal matters are the federal data, school/study and personal measurements data. The football information includes their physical tests and their notable progress as a football player. Information such as their preferred positions, preferred leg, local club and data of their local coach are also being recorded in the system. The players can also find personal files about themselves such as their personal development.



The team tab covers all the matters that the entire team should know about such as team information and shared (video) files. These files could be about their professional sports diet and home exercise for instance.



The system has a communication app that makes it easy for players and coaches to communicate. The inbox stores all of their messages. All of their important appointments with the coaches are stored in the agenda. Their matches, training sessions and meetings are also on the agenda.



The medical record of the player can be found under this tab. Coaches can see if a player is injured and how long that injury will last. This data will be entered by our medical specialists.


Video analysis

The training sessions and matches at the FootballEquals Academy are all being recorded. This footage will be analysed and encoded in Dotcomsport following the instructions of the coaches. Short compilations are made of the individual and team moments. Players can watch these compilations with a rating from their coach. The compilations are being used to make players see where they can improve.



The final tab in this system concerns the questionnaire. These questionnaires are being filled in daily or weekly by the players. This data is being used to have a better look at the player’s mental and/or physical state. The questions could be about the intensity of training sessions, playtime at their local club and their school situation such as homework and tests.