Kick-off new season

The fourth FootballEquals season has officially started!


This year there are more than 80 boys and girls part of an intensive and professional FootballEquals education besides their own club activities. We have teams in the categories: U12, U13, U15 and U17. The photos for this season have been made and the talents look fabulous on it! The outfit is brand new, we have printed our logo on the shirts: Scoring Goals Together.


FootballEquals President Mary Kok-Willemsen

It is fantastic to see the intrinsic motivation of these boys and girls. To train at the FootballEquals (three times a week from 17:30 to 20:00) in addition with their club activities, says enough about the motivation of these talents and their parents. We really like that the boys and girls learn with and from each other. We also see that we are increasingly moving towards a desired situation with male and female professionals who train our talents. In the coming month we will update our website with the new team photos of this season and we will also post our own ‘teamwearshop’ on the website.

So make sure that you get this cool and unique shirt at home! “


A large number of boys and girls have already made the move to FC Twente, De Graafschap and SC Heerenveen in the previous years. The FE-A talents are also widely represented in the German and Dutch national selections.