Global goals

The Dutch FootballEquals Foundation launched 3 years ago. With only the ambition to score the biggest goals, Global Goals. When the UN launched her goals in 2015 it calls upon Countries to deliver programs for creating a better world, an more equal world. This is how FootballEquals Foundation takes leadership:

The FootballEquals Foundation was launched in 2016 by Mary Kok-Willemsen, former succesfull coach and manager of the first professional club with womenfootball in Holland: FC Twente.


Global goal 5

Focus is made on Creating and Promoting Gender Equality through Football (Goal 5). With the first professional FootballEquals Academy launched in 2016 Holland is the first spot where every week almost 100 players in age 9 till 17 are mixed on age, talent and grit. And not seperated anymore on gender (see picture).


‘’We believe it is common sense to work on equal chances for both boys and girls, why is it still common practise in the professional football world to seperate them? Its a wrong signal that we believe when it is professional they can’t match anymore.’’


Not only do we want to mix boys and girls as players but also empower and educate professional staff, men and women together. It is important to have both rolemodels. Today it is only few professional women leading professional training for boys. When you always seperate these worlds how are you going to create a diverse team in the Top?


Global goal 10

With Global Goal 10 we are focussing on reducing inequality (FootballEquals Africa?). We believe every child with talent and grit should have the chance to develop his/her potential. There are too many kids in poor countries that do not find oppurtunities to develop their dreams and talent for football in combination with quality education. In 2025 we want to have a FootballEquals Academy on each continent where we will combine these both. On the other side will we also focus on developing the local coaches and staff so they can take more leadership fort he youth in their communities to develop. Hopefully we can start a 2nd FootballEquals Academy in Africa soon! We can’t only get talented players out of Africa for little money and then take no responsibillity in leaving the community with better perspective.


Global goal 17

Global Goal 17 means for us building FootballEquals as a strong club. Members and Fans from governments, universities, federations and companies that make up our team to score these Global Goals together. Football is big so we need a team that is only interested in scoring Big Goals: Global Goals. If we can create real equal chances for children, men and women worldwide through football we should be able to translate it in every area of our society.


If you are interested to join our club or discuss further oppurtunities to partner with us send a mail to  Our president Mary Kok-Willemsen will be more then welcome to propose a great Teamstrategy to win…