An internationals self-evident truth


The FootballEquals Foundation creates a global new truth about diversity. Within our organisation, we do this in a number of ways. At the FootballEquals Academy, we train our boys and girls in mixed teams based on their talent and not their gender. We combine this unique approach by conducting research (Research & Health) alongside our knowledge partners, (regional) companies, colleges and universities, governments and federations (Business & Events).


Business & Events


Football connects people worldwide. Our fans, sponsors, players, coaches, and partners have the same challenge as we do; make diversity self-evident in every level of their organization. Because we can learn from each other, we tackle this challenge together. We share best practices and try to make gender equality happen in every field.

The foundation of every FootballEquals Academy consists of a core of regional businesses. These founders support the talents in their development. Not only talented players get the chance to develop their talents, these same opportunities exist for ambitious coaches and staff members. They have the chance to grow within the FootballEquals Academy. Sometimes, this might even result in a job offer!