FootballEquals Africa

Scoring global goals


It is known by now that we have started FootballEquals to promote Global Goal 5: “Gender Equality”. Around 80 children shows u how you can learn with and from each other. That is doens’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl to achieve your football dreams. But also to you help another person in his development.


‘’Never too small or too young to make a difference’’


Besides – Global Goal 5 – FootballEquals is also committed to Global Goal 10: “Reducing Inequalities”. Through FootballEquals Africa we want to give our peers in Africa the same opportunity to combine a professional football training together with their school education. During this year our talents in the Netherlands will organize several sponsor events to support the talents in Africa. For example a benefit concert.


In October this year a few members of the FootballEquals staff are returning to Gambia. And they are not going without bringing anything. Besides their knowledge and energy they will bring bags filled with clothes with them. Once arrived in Africa they will provide professional trainings for the talents and educate the local coaches. This is a very important part, because the coaches have to know the latest knowledge about football through the FootballEquality vison. 


Of course we will inform you about the latest developments in our next newsletter. Until that time you can follow us through our social media channels, where we will post new items on a regular base.