FE-A U16 against De Tubanters U15-1

On the evening of the 22nd of November the FE-A U16 team played their first match against De Tubanters JO15-1 on the ground of CVV Sparta Enschede. FE-A U16 was off to a great start, scoring four times in the first 18 minutes of the game. Quickly after half time FE-A scored the 5-0 which was also the end result of the match.


We asked both coaches for a reaction:

First we interviewed Jurgen Kok. Jurgen Kok is the Head Academy Operations of the FE-A and coach of the U16 team.


  1. What made you choose for De Tubanters JO15-1 to be the first ever opponent of the FE-A?


I know De Tubanters very well. I have spent half a season as an interim coach there. I enjoyed my time at De Tubanters. A beautiful traditional club. A few weeks ago I also met Maikel Stockentree, the coach of the JO15-1 team. Maikel struck me as an enthusiastic and skilled coach. The choice was an easy one.


  1. How did you prepare your players for this match?


Preparing your team for matches starts at the beginning of the season. On the day of the match we had a quick talk about the game. It was mainly about the basic principles that we wanted to see key moments of the match.


  1. What were your expectations before the match?


I think that we have an excellent U16 team. I expected us to play well based on our technical ability and tactical capability even though it was our first match of the season. My expectations came true.


  1. What is your analysis of the match?


We discussed a few topics before the match. We did well when in possession of the ball. The build-up was decent, the positioning in midfield was acceptable and we managed to score five times and create a lot of good chances. When the opponent is in possession of the ball we have to be better. Namely the agreement to cover through in the centre was not fulfilled in the first half. After half-time it was a lot better.


  1. What is your conclusion of the match and did you see any areas of improvement?


I think that we can be happy overall. It was a good match. It was sportsmanlike and we enjoyed some beautiful goals. We are going to train hard the coming weeks to improve ourselves so that we can reach a higher level in our next match!


After the interview with Jurgen Kok we spoke with Maikel Stockentree. Maikel Stockentree is the coach of De Tubanters JO15-1. We asked Maikel about his opinion on FootballEquals and his reaction to the game.


  1. What do you think of the FootballEquals concept?


The concept of boys and girls training and playing matches together is appealing to me, as long as they have the same level and can learn from each other. If their level is the same, then it should not matter what their gender is. The combination of an academy such as FE-A and a local club is something I support. Now I only have Ryan available on the training sessions on Thursday and not on Tuesday. However, I see the development that Ryan is going through. The level at the FE-A is higher, which is good for Ryan and eventually for us as well. The intensity of the training sessions are well tuned. Ryan has never had an injury under my supervision and does not make a weary impression. In the far future it would be a good thing for the academy to become unnecessary, meaning that “equality” is achieved.

(Ryan Schultze is a player of the FE-A U16 team and De Tubanters)


  1. What were your expectations of the match?


I expected us to have a difficult match and that we would lose. I prepared the players differently because of the early starting time. I held my pre-game talk in the dressing room. I did not know what to expect from FE-A, but I had already made an estimate that Jurgen would let his team press as fast as possible in a 1-4-3-3 formation. Our intention was to start the match as we usually do in a 1-4-4-2 formation with high pressure.


  1. What is your analysis of the match?


The first 18 minutes were very tough, which resulted in us being down 4-0. We instantly noticed that the level at the FE-A was a lot higher on and off the ball. They overwhelmed us with the way they pressed our team. They are not used to being pressed so aggressively in comparison with the league we play in.

The second half we chose to be more defensive to minimalize the space behind our defence, so that FE-A could not use the pace they had up front as much. The 5-0 came directly after half time, but after that it (luckily) stopped. After the match I asked my players what they learned from this match and they came up with the following: act quicker, press more aggressively, move the ball quicker and coach each other more. All in all an educational match.


  1. What is your conclusion after this friendly match?


I estimate the level of the FE-A U16 at a 3rd/4th division level. All in all the friendly match has been a learning experience for De Tubanters JO15-1. We wish FE-A all the luck for the future!