About us


Not being able to answer a simple question regarding equal development opportunities for boys and girls, led me to start the FootballEquals Foundation in May 2016. Even though our society is getting more diverse every day, we are still creating a distorted view for our children from a young age. Why couldn’t talented boys and girls learn from and with each other?


With the FootballEquals Foundation we enable professional development for every talent, regardless of ethnicity or gender. Today’s talents are tomorrow’s ambassadors. That is why we integrate this self-evident truth as early as possible. We partner with companies, knowledge and education institutes, governments, clubs, and federations to create a new social standard, internationally, through football.


If we can create equal opportunities in the world of football, it can happen anywhere!”


We would kindly like to invite you to create this unique ecosystem together with us. This way, players, trainers, and managers get the responsibility to develop a beautiful and diverse (football) future.


Mary Kok-Willemsen


President FootballEquals Foundation