FootballEquals also in China?

FootballEquals Academy Twente had a recent visit from China! Like some of you already know, Enschede has two sister cities: Palo Alto and Dalian. Dalian is one of the most important trade cities in the North-East of China and has a history of being the football capital of China.

Last week, Linna Hou (CEO Bolintec and representative from Dalian) paid a visit to Enschede.  It was her second visit in a short time where she discussed with Holland Football University owner Mary Kok-Willemsen about their common football project. As Mary being also president of the FootballEquals Foundation, she invited Linna to visit the FootballEquals Academy Twente. 

Diversity in Chinese companies

Being an entrepreneur of a high tech company I see the importance of gender equality. As representative of Dalian, the sister city of Enschede, we share the passion for football and high tech. The FootballEquals Foundation is a not for profit organisation that strives for equal chances through football. I got inspired by watching girls and boys mixed in 1 professional academy fighting for their dreams. After meeting with Ambassador Michael van Praag and Mary Kok-Willemsen we are interested in bringing the FootballEquals Foundation also to China.” To be continued…

How great would it be to host a professional FootballEquals Academy in both sister cities.